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the love of UI

For the
love of UI

February 18 - March 2 | 2024

A UI design hackathon empowering
students to develop both soft and
hard skills in an opportunity-rich

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ui hackathon


We will focus on creative problem-solving for design-related challenges, spanning visual design, UI/UX, graphics, and other media forms.


FLUI will take place Feb 18-Mar 2, 2024 as a hybrid event. We will be in-person at Emily Carr University on the first and last days for Opening and Closing Ceremonies.


Collaborate on a team of like-minded designers, and tackle real-world challenges head-on. You will work with industry clients to develop your design skills and make meaningful relationships.

our values


Establishing a strong bond between students and industry professionals with valuable expertise and design knowledge.


Establishing a strong bond between students and industry professionals with valuable expertise and design knowledge.


Evolving the culture of student-centered design thinking to cultivate innovative solutions that address real-world challenges.


Fostering a culture of client-centered design thinking to cultivate innovative solutions that address real-world challenges.

Let's achieve our
goals together!


Led by industry experts to develop both your technical and people skills.


Experienced designers in the industry are available to mentor and guide your team throughout the competition.


To foster a collaborative environment, we assemble interdisciplinary teams comprising students from different universities and skillsets.


Explore our full calendar to keep yourself up to date with all our opportunities and events.

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Prizes will recognize outstanding achievements and contributions within and beyond the scope of the design challenge.

our partners

Vancouver Design Community

A dynamic, community-leading hub that fosters connections and discussions among design enthusiasts, professionals, and experts in Vancouver.

Interaction Design Foundation

The world's largest online design school since 2002 and home of the largest global UX design community, with over 150,000 graduates today.

UX Jetpack

UX Jetpack, founded by Ryan Yao, is on a mission to teach UX designers job-hunting strategies, offering weekly newsletters on job-searching tips, a free crash course, and the upcoming UX Jetpack course.


UBC UX Hub was born from the need for a place where UBC students interested in UX could come together. It’s a growing collective of those interested in learning about design, working together, and making new connections along the way.

our partners


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Our Team


Cailine Keirstead

Co-founder Internal

I’m Cai, a UX/UI designer who loves to read, play Skyrim, and cuddle my cat, Cleo! I aim to create a design culture around authenticity and honesty. As emerging creatives, we should share our struggles and have conversations to help each other be the best versions of ourselves!

Sherry Lu

Creative Director

Helloo, this is Sherry. I am a UX/UI designer currently in my fourth year of Interaction Design at ECU. Love cinematic experience and am always fascinated by sci-fi theories. I also enjoy traveling, trying out new food and learning about different cultures!

Danial Yousefi

Web Developer

Hi everyone! Im Danial. I design and build websites for fun and work :D. I'm currently finishing my fourth year of interaction design at ECU. Welcome to FLUI!

Jeralyn Magantino

document control

Jera is a passionate 2D Animation student known for infusing her artistic talent into everything she touches. Her work reflects a perfect synergy of imagination and skill. Check out her Instagram account @mommyismadatyou showcasing the whimsical charm of her dynamic drawings!

Firm Kongthong


Hi there! I’m Firm, a design student at SFU, majoring in Interactive, Art and Technology and minoring in Publication. Coming close to my final year of school, I have been focusing more on life outside of work and school, like climbing, snowboarding, getting back into reading and drawing. I also like capturing moments of my life via video as well! See you all in person soon!

Nick Cheung


Hi there, hello! My name is Nick and I am in my final (hopefully) year at SFU. I am majoring in Interactive Arts and Technology, pursuing a bachelor in science with a concentration in design. In my spare time (if I actually do have spare time… eheh heh), I like to play videogames, draw, read books, and play the guitar.

Selina Leong


Hii! I’m Selina and I’m studying in my 3rd year in Graphic Design for Marketing at The Wilson School of Design. In my free time, I like to climb, gym, and collect vintage film cameras!

Sherlyn Tandinata


Heya! I’m Sherlyn, a first-year foundation student majoring in IxD in ECU! I absolutely adore cats and would spend hours watching them on TikTok. My hobbies consist of playing volleyball, video games, doing Pilates, going to the gym and drawing with oil pastels.


Neha Adinamozhi

Co-founder External

Hi there, I'm Neha! I'm a 4th-year Interaction Design student at Emily Carr. When I'm not crafting friendly experiences and interfaces with my trusty laptop, you'll catch me at a Chinese restaurant, buried in a good book or knee-deep in a pile of Legos. Excited to meet you at the hackathon :)

Jen Zhao

Social Media Manager

Greetings human, It’s Jen here. Before going back to Mars(where I belong) I’m going to finish my last year studies in Interaction design at ECUAD. For now, my hobbies are observing humans and designing things for them. Also photography and filming because why not.

Kimberly To

Sponsorship Lead

Hi, I'm Kimberly, aka Kimmi—a multimedia communications designer! I'm all about design and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. When I'm not in front of my computer designing (or watching netflix), you can find me whipping up baked treats or playing games on my Nintendo Switch!

Joshita Nagaraj

Mentor Lead

Hi! I'm Jo, an Interaction Design Master’s student at ECU in my first year currently. When I’m not completely immersed in my projects, you’ll find me at the badminton courts or trying my hand at baking every now and then. Looking forward to seeing you all at UI!

Yuchen Liu

Workshop Lead

Hello there! My name is Yuchen Liu, and I am currently in the Master of Interdisciplinary Design Program at ECU. I play badminton , boxing and video games, wander in nature and draw my original characters. So excited to be in the FLUI team - hope to see you there!

Patricia Tani

client lead

Hi, I’m Patti, a 2nd year IxD student at ECU! I am a cheerful gamer with a love for  programming, fashion, and game design. You can find me on the 🔥 Figma Grindset 🔥, pursuing skills in front-end web development and design. I also might be a cat =^-^=

Ilnam Kim

Director of Finance

Hi, I'm Ilnam, currently in my final year at ECU majoring in Interaction Design. I love getting lost in unfamiliar places, exploring to discover local coffee shops, and having the best oak milk latte in town.

Leela Rao

sponsorship support

Hello! Leela here - I’m in my second year at ECU majoring in Interaction Design. It’s hard to pinpoint my exact hobbies but I like talking about emerging tech, good food, and scrolling through pinterest. Super excited to be on board and I can’t wait to see everyone at FLUI!

Linh Phan

Logistics Director

Hiii, It’s Linh! I am a 4th-year Interaction Design student at ECU, with a focus on service design in healthcare and education. I also love painting, creating, reading, and connecting with the world around me and my loved ones. Caring for others is the core of my design practice so I am super excited to be a part of organizing FLUI.

Shriya Maru

Document control

Hi I’m Shriya,  a UX/UI designer interested in its applications in the health-tech and medical solutions industry. I am a crafter at heart and when I’m not online you’ll find me working on a macrame project with a Netflix show playing in the background.

Sakeena Soni

Social Media Support

Hello! I’m Sakeena, an artist and a 3rd-year communication design student at Emily Carr. I’m obsessed with sustainability, urban planning and being outdoors. Super hyped to see you at FLUI :)!

Anna Sheng

sponsorship support

Anna here, hello helloooo :) I’m in my foundation year at Emily Carr with plans to major in communication design and find a home for my silly stories. Cats are cool. Books are cool. Looking forward to meeting you all! :)

Angela Cheung

sponsorship support

Hi there! I’m Angela, a ECUD/BCIT alumni from the Communication Design Essentials Program. When I’m not freelancing on projects, you can find me off on my next foodie adventure, traveling, or playing with my dog, Yuna. I’m so excited to meet you all at FLUI!


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